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Sometimes a CV just isn’t enough, and many companies will request a personal statement or application form either in place of a CV, or as an accompaniment. Primarily used within the public sector, most personal statements have a strict word count and ask you to demonstrate particular skills and competencies.

Personal Statement

Sell your skills, knowledge and capabilities in no more than 1,000 words. Order Personal Statement >

Present you, your skills and experience within a set word count. Depending on your sector and the role you are applying for, the word count will differ, but they are often strict, and if you go over, the likelihood is, the additional text will not be sent to an employer. If you do not adhere to the word count, your application may not even be read. Personal statements are used to see how you have demonstrated the skills they are looking for, even if you think you can do the job, if you cannot demonstrate the key skills required, your application will be rejected.

The writers at CV Knowhow have decades of experience in identifying and presenting your key information in a detailed personal statement, whilst highlighting your reasons for applying for the role and ensuring you are an attractive candidate.

Application Forms

Meet the essential criteria listed in the person specification to be in with an excellent chance of securing a new role. Order Application Form >

Demonstrate how you meet the set essential criteria listed to be in with a much-improved chance of securing a new role. Most application forms are now online, but don’t let that put you off – experts at CV Knowhow are used to navigating the forms. Some information requested can be filled in using the details from your CV, but the most crucial part of any application form is the section asking you to explain why you feel you are the ideal candidate for the role. Our writers will discuss with you how you meet these criteria, and they will use evidence from your CV and career to date to demonstrate your suitability. They make sure all of the requirements are met in a clear, concise and well-ordered manner, whilst also addressing as much of the desirable requirements as possible, giving you a significantly higher chance of being offered an interview.

NHS / Medical Application Forms

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A notoriously difficult, stressful and time-consuming process to undertake, application forms aimed at healthcare roles can often request multiple pages of information and can seem a daunting task.

At CV Knowhow, we have a team of experts who either have several years’ experience in writing specialist medical applications, or have worked within the sector themselves, so they know exactly what is required. They will discuss your CV and your experience to date with you so that they have all of the information they need to be able to begin writing your application, from there they will work with you to complete the form to the highest standard possible.

UCAS Personal Statement

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Over half a million 18-year-olds apply for a place at a university each year. With places at top establishments limited, excellent grades are not the only factor which decides whether you get a place at your chosen institution.

Whilst completing A-Levels, students are asked to complete a 500-word UCAS personal statement, showing previous studies, experience, skills and ambitions. It is used to give universities an idea of the person behind the grades and the type of contribution they might make to university life. The statement is the first opportunity to impress a potential university, so it has to be impressive and contain only original content.

We have a team of writers who have worked within universities across the country; they will work with you to make sure that your statement follows guidelines and shows admissions departments your potential.

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