Why Should I Choose CV Knowhow?

Our CV Consultants have two decades of writing experience and offer a professional yet personal service. Our results speak for themselves and give any job hunter the best possible start in finding the job of your dreams.

How Long Will It Take for My CV to Be Prepared?

It depends how quickly you want your CV. Our standard turnaround time is five working days, as we like to allow time to produce a high-quality document. However, we are aware that you may want you Professional CV a bit quicker and for a small extra fee, you have the option of Express Turnaround, which takes three working days, or even Super Express which will take around 24 hours for those that see a job they need to apply for ASAP.

What Is the Process?

The process of ordering a Professional CV is straightforward. If we do not obtain all the details we need from your submitted previous CV or completed form, one of CV Knowhow's CV Consultants will contact you. We pride ourselves on providing you with a professional CV that is guaranteed to get you noticed. Once we have all the information we need and have prepared your document, we will email the same to you in Word format.

Who Will My Consultant Be and What Relevant Experience Do They Have?

We have many CV Consultants whom all have extensive experience in writing, are qualified to degree level or equivalent and have vast CV writing experience working for clients from a wide variety of career backgrounds. Who your CV Consultant will be will be dependent on who is free at the time, but no matter who devises your professional CV, you are always guaranteed a professional and high-quality service.

What Happens If I Feel I Need to Make Changes to the CV?

The CV Consultants at CV Knowhow are armed with the knowledge and experience that enable them to prepare a highly professional document. However, if you wish to email back with suggestions for changes, our Consultants will take a look at them and discuss them with you thoroughly. You are guaranteed to end up with a document that you are extremely satisfied with.

Do I Need to Come into Your Office to See Your CV Consultants?

No, not at all. We work over email and, when necessary, over the telephone, so there is no need to travel to our offices.

When Do I Pay?

We always take payment at the time of the order.

Why Do I Have to Pay You Before I Receive My Completed CV?

Once you have signed up with CV Knowhow for our CV Writing Services, we are there to help you for life with any services you may need, including personal statements and accompanying letters. Having to chase payments from clients can make any future contact difficult as well as keeping our fees to a minimum, which we can then pass onto you.

Do I Need to Complete the Entirety of the Form?

No, not all – in fact, our CV Consultants prefer you to send your existing CV. However, if you do not have one, then you can complete our form, and our CV Consultants can contact you for any further information.

Will I Be Able to Come Back to CV Knowhow at a Later Date?

Yes, we keep copies of all CVs which are prepared in case you need an update or additional CV.