Letter Packs

5 Expertly Written Letters To Compliment Your CV.

5 Letters only £ 80

Whether you are looking to secure a new role, work for a specific company, or resign from your current job, a well worded and professionally written letter will ensure that you get your point across.

We understand that you might wish to apply for different roles, in various companies and for that, you will need multiple letters. When you purchase a five-letter pack, you can have your choice of letter whenever you need it as you can buy now and use letters as and when they are required.

Speculative Cover Letters

Accompany your CV with a cover letter and increase your chances of having it read. Order Covering Letter >

A speculative letter is required when you wish to apply for positions in various organisations, or you want to inquire at a company that does not seem to be hiring. As professional writers, our team know how to identify your key skills and present them on paper in a compelling way that will make employers want to speak to you.

Tailored Response Cover Letters

Tailoring your cover letter to a person specification is the only way to get your application considered. Order Tailored Covering Letter >

You would use this type of letter when you have a specific job you wish to apply for, with a job description asking for key skills and competencies. Our writers will study the job description of the role and ensure that the letter highlights how you have gained/demonstrated each skill required while presenting you in a professional manner.

Tailored Follow Up Letter

You can show how serious you are about securing the job position by sending another cover letter out to follow up. Order Follow Up Letter >

If you have sent a speculative letter and have not heard back after two weeks, then you may send a polite follow up to the employer asking for an update. It can be hard to inquire again without seeming ‘pushy’; our writing team will ensure that your letter is phrased correctly, so that the employer sees you as proactive and enthusiastic about working for them.

Resignation Letter

Remain on good terms with the organisation you are leaving with a professional resignation letter. Resign With Ease >

Writing a professional, respectful resignation letter can be a challenge, especially if you dislike your current employer, or are going to work for a direct competitor. Having a professional create your letter for you means that it will be respectful and will not convey any personal feelings that may make your notice period difficult, or risk your reference.

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