Y atentshun 2 deail, spelling and grammer is soo important!!

Y atentshun 2 deail, spelling and grammer is soo important!!

We’ve all done it; written what we think is the perfect paragraph only to discover on a read back that it is littered with grammatical and spelling errors, sometimes not even making the slightest bit of sense.  But it did in our heads when writing it!

Silly mistakes cost!

Attention to detail has never been more important than ever as we are faced with a highly competitive job market.  Silly mistakes can severely hamper your chances of getting to an interview with your CV so taking an extra 10 minutes to check your CV content, spelling and grammar can be invaluable.

We come across many mistakes in CVs we read every day – in fact the list is exhaustive; here are just some of the more hilarious!

  • Interests include cooking Italians and Chinese
  • I have an excellent track record, although I’m not a horse
  • I speak fluent English and Spinach
  • My main achievement is being nominated Prom Queen
  • I would describe myself as attentive to detail, extremely hard working, highly self motivated and attentive to detail

Obvious mistakes

Some of these mistakes are obvious, such as the Spinach one and cooking Italians and Chinese, but the attentive to detail one was a bit harder to spot.  Sometimes you can read something that many times that you can’t see the wood for the trees.  But you can be guaranteed that a prospective hiring manager will!


There is a time and a place for humour and a professional CV isn’t it.  You might think you are the funniest person alive, but you can’t be guaranteed that a hiring manager will share the same sense of humour.  You can usually gauge this better in an interview setting, but for the CV, you shouldn’t even venture into comedic territory, so leave any jokes or horse references out.

More CV bloopers!

  • Career break (3 months) – mourning the death of my cat
  • Please don’t read anything into my 14 jobs; it’s not job hopping as I have never quit a job
  • Marital Status: often; Children: various
  • References: none – I’ve left a path of destruction behind me

Putting your marital status – or martial status if you don’t pay attention! – isn’t required on a professional CV, just as, if you are asked in an application if you are married, divorced, separated etc, it is best just to pick one and not all three (yes, this has been known!).  You also shouldn’t be asked about your children; although they are relevant to you, they are not relevant to your ability to do a job.

Avoid all errors through a professional re-write

Having your CV prepared by a professional at CV Knowhow is an excellent way to avoid those silly mistakes which can seriously impair your career opportunities.  With a large board of degree-educated writers, CV Knowhow prides itself on incredibly high standards, which have been recognised across the job market.

A professional re-write can be the difference between a prospective employer taking you seriously or filing your CV under ‘b’ for bin.  If you are serious about securing that next role, taking a step up or changing career direction, then don’t leave anything to chance and have your CV professionally prepared today!