Why use a speculative letter?

Why use a speculative letter?

If you’re interested in working for a specific company who are not currently recruiting, a speculative letter could provide a suitable introduction. By including a covering letter alongside your CV you can demonstrate your interest in any future vacancies that may arise. There are many reasons to use a speculative letter in your job search, some of which I’ve highlighted below.

Not all roles are advertised

Many applicants miss out by choosing to only apply for advertised roles, when in actual fact up to 70% on all jobs are never advertised.  As advertising costs money which could be saved, these roles are often recruited internally or from speculative applications. Sending in a well-timed speculative letter could put you in the running for your dream job.

It makes you stand out

The majority of other candidates will only apply for advertised roles. If you’ve got your heart set on working for a particular company, a speculative letter could set you apart from your competitors. Even if no vacancies are available at present, when you apply in the future for an advertised role your name will often ring a bell with recruiters.  Anything that makes you stand out and be recognised from the hundreds of other applicants is a good thing. If you’ve got the time, an additional tip is to deliver your speculative application by hand to the HR department.

Get insider info

Often companies will reply directly to speculative letters giving you valuable insider information regarding the time of the next recruitment drive, even specifying any temporary roles that are needed in the meantime. If you’ve got your heart set on working for a company, take any opportunity you can. Once you’ve got your foot in the door and have proven your worth, it’ll be much easier to move internally into your dream role.

Reduce your competition

If a company has chosen not to recruit for a role and instead opts to interview candidates who have submitted a speculative application, it drastically improves your chances. With less competition you’re far more likely to secure your dream job, but don’t be complacent as clearly the other candidates are very keen too!

Practice makes perfect

Not all speculative letters elicit a response from the recruiter, and if they do, not all of these are positive. In some cases the company may feel your skills and experience need to be developed before they are able to consider you for a position. By getting this valuable feedback you can improve your CV and maximise your chances for next time. So don’t be disheartened if you don’t receive a favourable reply, use this as a learning experience for next time.

Writing a speculative letter that ticks all the boxes can be tough, so do the smart thing and enlist the help of the consultants at CV Knowhow. With years of experience under our belts, we know what recruiters are after and how to make you stand out from the competition.