UK’s Highest Paid Jobs 2016

UK’s Highest Paid Jobs 2016

If you are thinking of a career change and money is the driving force behind that, then finding a job that will provide you with a high level of income will likely be your priority.  Admittedly most of the UK’s highest paid jobs will require at least some specialist knowledge and academic background (unless you are one of the lucky few who join the ranks of “lottery winner”).  However, if you have the skills, experience and qualifications to back you up, then there are plenty of jobs in the UK that will provide you with the hefty bank balance you are dreaming about.

Here is a list of some of the highest paid jobs in the UK:

1.  IT and Telecommunications Directors: In a world where technology rules, it is no surprise that IT and telecoms senior level professionals are ranked as some of the highest paid workers in the UK.  Directors in this sector are earning an average of £70k+ per annum, and it is a sector where there is still surprisingly a skills shortage.  So for all those techies out there who are looking for a senior role, this could be the perfect job for you.

2.  Legal Professionals: In the UK, senior and experienced legal professionals can earn an average income of £80k+ per annum.  Admittedly the process to get to this stage is long winded and involves a lot of studying, a lot of commitment and a lot of high grades, but if you aren’t put off by complex legal terminology and standing in front of scary judges to represent clients, then this could be the career for you.

3.  Medical Practitioners: Another potential career path that will demand a lot of commitment, time and study is working in the medical field as a GP or Hospital Consultant where you can earn an average salary of £80k+ per annum.  You get to help people and earn good money, but it is far from an easy job with all the regulations within the industry.  But, if you are committed and passionate about helping people with their health problems (and aren’t too squeamish) then this could be the career path for you.

4.  Aircraft Pilots: If the thought of spending your days thousands of feet up in the air flying a jumbo jet to whisk people off to exotic destinations, then working as a Pilot could be the perfect career choice.  Not only do Pilots earn an average of £87k+, but they get to spend all of their time with their heads literally in the clouds!

5.  CEOs and Senior Business Officials: If you think you’d give Alan Sugar a run for his money, then becoming the CEO or head honcho of an organisation might be the perfect option.  Earning an average salary of £122k+ per annum, these guys and gals are certainly not short of a few bob.

Of course, there are other professions that could earn you considerably more than the careers mentioned above, for example, becoming an A-list Hollywood Actor or Premier League Footballer, but given the unlikely chance of any of those happening, I have focused on professions that are more realistic and achievable!

Karen Dunbar is a CV Consultant, Professional Writer and mum of one with a passion for helping people secure their dream jobs and a talent for transforming seemingly boring words into compelling content. She talks a lot, loves blueberry muffins and has an obsession with owls!