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Top 10 LinkedIn tips for a perfect profile

Top 10 LinkedIn tips for a perfect profile

Top 10 LinkedIn tips for a perfect profile

LinkedIn is a professional network that’s helping employers to get in touch with potential candidates in a simple and cost effective way. LinkedIn taking the recruitment world by storm, so if you’re serious about career development then you need to sign up. The importance of having a high quality LinkedIn profile cannot be over-estimated, as it could genuinely land you the job of your dreams.  To help you get started in compiling a knock out LinkedIn profile, here are the top 10 essentials you’ll need to build a successful profile.

1. Fully complete your profile

It’s a no-brainer, the more information you can provide on your LinkedIn profile the easier it is for employers to get a thorough idea of your skills and capabilities. The site will track your level of profile completeness and guide you through which sections are left to be finished. Be sure to include your full employment history, a summary and the skills you’ve learnt.

2. Include a professional photograph

LinkedIn isn’t like other social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, so using a picture from your holiday snaps won’t cut it. You need to instil confidence in recruiters that you’re a dedicated professional, so use a photograph which will best presens this image.  A head shot is all recruiters will be looking for, follow the guidelines for a passport photo and just remember to smile.

3. Be genuine

It’s vital to be honest when completing your profile. Recruiters will always verify your information further down the line, so telling lies is pointless. Always include your current title as its stated in your contract of employment, don’t be tempted to embellish things to look good!

4. Stand out

By completing your specialisations in your LinkedIn profile you’ll be able to show what makes you a unique candidate. Include anything that you’ve done that can help you to pip the competition. Voluntary work and travel always provide valuable talking points with recruiters and can help demonstrate your skills, even if not in a paid capacity.

5. Follow the experts

LinkedIn offers the facility for you to follow industry experts and fellow professionals.  This function can help keep you in the loop with any new developments that recruiters could ask you about at interview. By following leaders relevant to your specialisms you’ll appear committed and dedicated to your profession.

6. Join LinkedIn groups

By joining the groups on LinkedIn that are relevant to your specialisms you can meet like-minded professionals and network with them. Contributing to groups can help you grow your list of connections and improve your knowledge of the sector. Some groups have dedicated job pages that could help you find the opportunity you were looking for.

7. Ask for recommendations

In the LinkedIn world recommendations are synonymous with references. You can ask any of your connections for a recommendation, so it’s worthwhile getting your previous employers to verify your credentials early on. Your recommendations will help recruiters gain an insight into your work ethic and see what you’re like to work with on a daily basis.

8. Update regularly

Set aside 10 minutes a day to update your profile and participates with the groups and discussions on LinkedIn. Update your status with relevant professional activity, such as seminars you’re attending, books you’re finding useful or a project you’re currently working on.

9. Create a great summary

Your summary should be short, snappy and to the point. It’s always best to be upfront with recruiters and explain exactly what you’re looking for from any future opportunities.  If you’re looking to move into a different profession highlighting this is essential so employers know what you’re after.

10. Promote yourself

Participate in LinkedIn activities such as the Q&A section. The more top answers you give the more starts you’ll get on your profile, illustrating that you really know your stuff when it comes to your sector.