The waiting game……

The waiting game……

The waiting game……

What do you do when you see a job advertised that you like the look of?  Well, you apply for it of course; you send off your ever faithful CV and sit and wait for a response.  And wait….. and wait…… and wait…..  And what do you do if you see a job that you really like the look of?  You’re bound to get an interview this time so you send your CV off again and wait…. and wait…. and wait…

So, what you do the next time you see a job that you really, really like the look of?  Well, once again, you send your CV off and wait… and wait… come on now, you get the picture!  A pattern is forming and there can only be one reason for it – your CV isn’t up to scratch and isn’t grabbing the attention of a hiring manager.

Many, many reasons……..

There may be a number of reasons for this; your CV might be too long, the font might be too small, the language may be written in a way that makes it very hard to read and it may be hard to find the information a hiring manager needs to be able to assess whether you are a suitable candidate for the advertised role.  Yes, some of these might sound pedantic but you would be surprised how much one simple area can affect the whole feel of your CV and how it reads.

If that information isn’t immediately apparent, a hiring manager won’t take the time to read through your CV in search of it – your CV will immediately be filed under ‘B’ for bin!  Harsh we know, but the least amount of effort it takes to look at and read a CV the better from hiring managers’ point of view, due to the sheer volume they see on a daily basis.  So you could actually be the perfect fit for a role, but you will never know it.

So, what do you do?

In order to be at the top of that pile of CVs on the corner of a hiring manager’s desk, you really need to invest in your CV.  By having it prepared by a professional CV writer, who combines an in-depth knowledge of the job markets and various industries with superb writing qualities, you stand a much better chance of standing out among the approximate 70 or so candidates that apply for any one role.

Even if you think you can write it yourself, around 56% of candidates looking for a new role or next step up the career ladder actually give up on the preparation of their CV, therefore significantly decreasing their chances of securing an interview.  For those who have written their own CVs, 70% are not happy with the finished product and have no confidence in the document when attending interviews. This might be down to the fact that 78% of people have spelling, grammatical and punctuation errors in their CV and don’t even know it!

How can CV Knowhow help you?

Here at CV Knowhow, we have a team of professionals who make it their life’s work to help candidates secure their dream job.  With a large board of degree-education professional writers, we take the hassle out of the time consuming task of preparing a CV and, as such, enjoy a 97% success rate of getting candidates to interview stage.  You can also add to this the percentage of people who go on to receive a job offer within the first month of their job search – 69%!

Offering a premium service that you won’t get anywhere else due to extensive employment market, recruitment and job board knowledge, CV Knowhow – the UK’s number one rated CV writing business – won’t just help you with your CV; we also prepare social media profiles, cover letters, personal statements and application forms.   With very competitive prices, why not invest in your future will a high quality, professionally prepared CV from CV Knowhow today and secure the job you want tomorrow?