The answer you should give to every single interview question

The answer you should give to every single interview question

The answer you should give to every single interview question

This is much simpler than it sounds. I once read a whole book of interview advice to learn what I am about to tell you in just a few sentences.

Here goes:

Every single answer must be positive.

I’m not saying lie and don’t say anything negative. I’m saying think about how you say things. Mentally vet every sentence before it falls from your lips.

• Does it sound positive?

Think not just about what you are saying, but how you are saying things. Is it as positive as possible? For example:

You could say:

“I’m a job seeker at the moment”


“Right now I’m ready to embrace my next great challenge.”

• Is it what I would want to hear as a hiring manager?
• Is there a better way I could say it?
• Am I leaving myself open to further prying.

Always be on your guard. Be wary of anything that lets the cat out of the bag. Wear your full suit of armour at all times. Know your weaknesses and “can open, worms everywhere” subjects.

Let the experts identify your ” can open, worms everywhere” subjects and prepare rock solid answers with you. Book your interview prep now.

Don’t just think that avoiding them will be enough. Candidly know them and identify them yourself and think up strong, solid honest look you in the eye answers. Answers that cannot be pried open and allow some-one to get under your skin.

All this takes honesty. Be objective, what could you say? Think of all the options.

It needs preparation.

Step back, take an honest view on things and innovate. That’s right innovate. Get creative, what would you want to hear? I can’t tell you how many times I have had to think of a “gloss everything over” reason for a Candidate. Somehow it’s like you are all incapable of thinking outside the box when it comes to your own job search!! Get over it. Think for yourselves.

Your career choices affect you all day virtually every day. Make smart choices and invest in your career and you can revolutionise your life for the better. Take your career by the scruff of the neck.