Super Commuters

Super Commuters

Commuting – v- Job Satisfaction

However you get to work – by car, bus, train or simply walking – at some point or another you will be affected by your commute, mentally and / or physically.  Whether long or short, there are always problems which arise that can make a journey extremely stressful; but how much of this is to do with where you are commuting to, rather than the actual commute itself?

If you had to get a plane, train and automobile to your job as caretaker of a remote island in the Pacific Ocean, surrounded by turquoise sea and unbroken skies, then we imagine delays wouldn’t cut it the satisfaction of this job.  But on the flip side, if you travel for an hour to get to your desk to stare aimlessly at a computer for eight hours a day, something as simple as a broken down vehicle on your way can seriously hamper your mood, and capabilities, for the day ahead.

Super Commuters

Just remember, no matter what commute you are faced with on a daily basis, there will always be someone who is worse off than you.  In fact, there are a rising number of commuters who are swapping a local commute for one which is more than 90 miles each way.  Are they crazy?  Well, in fact they’re not because this new breed of commuter is achieving a much better work life balance than their counterparts.

Dubbed the ‘Super Commuter’, these workers are increasingly known as the ‘lucky ones’ as they get to spend half of their time living a quiet, comfortable life.  How?  By simply cramming a months’ worth of work into two weeks!  Depending on what your career demands of you, you can make much better use of your time management skills by arranging back-to-back appointments, for example, or, if your employer allows, you can spend one day a week working at home, equating to three day weekends.  Much better!

Relocation, Relocation, Relocation

The ease of travel from London to France has seen a rise in the purchase of properties across the country, from the North to the South, with the South being the most popular destination for commuters to invest in their family home.  This enables workers who would normally spending a good three hours a day commuting to rent an affordable place to stay near to work and to make the most of the time at home relaxing in the sun!

There are also those who take their commitment to their job a step too far – including workers who will drive up to 400 miles a day, costing approximately £15,000 per year in fuel and toll fees.  There are even those who will fly into work, experiencing a weekly commute rather than a daily one.

Think very carefully……..

Expensive?  It can be, depending on where you choose to purchase your family home.  But often the cost can be outweighed against the daily drag to work and the higher quality of life you can experience.  But of course, if you aren’t at that point in your working life (yet!) where you can enjoy the best of both worlds, why not see if you can find a much easier commute to work with a new job?

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Control your commute

Remember, often employers will check out the kind of commute you are likely to have if they offered you a position in their company – this is why it is always advisable to include a full postal address on your professional CV.  If you are planning to relocate, then it’s also important that this intention comes across on your CV, so you won’t be dismissed due to the potential commute, which has been known.  So take control of your commute, rather than letting the commute control, with a brand new CV with CV Knowhow!!