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Spelling and grammar in your CV

Spelling and grammar in your CV

Spelling and grammar in your CV

Creating a good first impression in your CV is vital. It’s the first contact between you and your prospective employer, so it’s important your CV is flawless if you aim to impress. With so many qualified candidates applying for the same position recruiters have to be picky, and if your spelling and grammar isn’t up to scratch you could find your application on the discard pile.

In an age of online dictionaries and word documents there’s no excuse for shoddy spelling mistakes and bad grammar. Technological innovations like spell check have made writing a high quality document easier than ever. However, if anything it appears the quality of CV’s received by recruiters are going down. Research has shown that in an amazing 50% of cases, CV’s contained spelling or grammatical errors!

Check, check and check again!

If you don’t triple check your CV before sending it out, you could be giving employers a reason to discard your application. It’s amazing how many spelling and grammar mistakes are missed on an initial reading, especially when you’re tired after a long day in the office. So when you write your CV leave it to the next day before reading it through again, even hand it to a family member or friend to proof read.

If you want to be certain your CV is spot on, the only way to go is via a professional CV writing service. The experts at CV Knowhow check CV’s for a living and can easily identify the common errors that most people miss. Plus you’ll have the benefit of an expert in your industry giving you insider tips and advice.

Don’t undermine your application

An unfortunate spelling or grammar error can seriously undermine your application and harm your prospects. It’s incredible just how many applicants write about their attention to detail yet misplace a letter in the very same sentence.  Some CV’s we see can be humorous, like the candidate who “worked in a busty office”, but unfortunately recruiters won’t see the funny side.

It’s important not to rely on spell check too much, while this tool will help spot blatant errors in a document it won’t identify if you’ve misused a word. In particular if you’re applying for a role where you’ll be doing lots of typing or writing letters, a high level of literacy is essential. A poorly worded CV will seriously hinder your chances, making it sensible to enlist the help of an expert CV consultant.

Get the basics right

There’s no point waxing lyrical about your attributes and skills if you can’t construct a simple CV without making errors. As harsh as it sounds, employers won’t be interested in your experience and qualifications; at the first sign of a sloppy and careless attitude your CV will be binned.

An eye for detail is essential if you aim to write a successful CV. With the help of a skilled CV consultant you can put these worries behind you and concentrate on preparing for interviews and hunting for jobs. Your experienced consultant will produce a document of professional quality that employers will love, it’s that simple – no stress, no fuss, no worry.