Think about it…..

When things aren’t going great at work and you’re looking to move on, whether within the same company or a complete new move across sector or job, your mind will turn to resigning from your position and the best way to do this.

But don’t be too hasty – there isn’t an employee on the planet who hasn’t felt, at some point, of getting up and walking out but there are always considerations to bear in mind.  For example, how would you pay your rent / mortgage / bills etc, and what would your wife say?? So if you do wait until you secure a new role to leave, what is the best way to hand your resignation in?

Extreme resignations

Some people go to great lengths to resign and have chosen the most extreme ways of telling their bosses.

  • Social media is a great one – posting messages on LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter or Reddit will most certainly get picked up by your now-former boss, or by your ex-colleagues who will pass it on.  Shows no doubt that you are serious but is something which is in the virtual world for eternity
  • Take an ad out in the local paper – this is the same as the above but on a more traditional platform.  You would need to know what the chances are of it being read and assess whether the social media route might get you noticed more
  • Dressed in a novelty costume.  This has been done, as a Banana and as a Hot Dog, but really, why would you?  Yes, you would make an impact but you would also make a bit of a fool of yourself at the same time.  Never a good look
  • Through song.  Again, really?? This would be a good one if you were in that industry or are a particularly gregarious human being.  And you might get yourself a laugh, but probably not from the person it is aimed at
  • Set a message to pop up on your work computer when you know the boss will be passing.  Then sit back and gauge the reaction from the social media posts by your ex-colleagues
  • Over a public tannoy speaker system – this would be ideal if you worked for a train line or other transport company, for example, but need to think how many people actually listen and take note of these announcements?

Reasons to quit

There are obviously a variety of reasons as to why people decide to quit their jobs and here at CV Knowhow, we have identified the top 5.  See if you agree with them or have more to add:

  • Doing the job of two people but only receiving a salary for one – this one is extremely common!
  • Wage and promotion freeze – been experienced more and more by workers since the recession hit in 2007
  • Being allowed the chance to make own decisions without having to refer absolutely everything to the higher beings
  • Constant reorganisation and scope of role changes
  • Low morale, motivation and a lack of reason to get out of bed in the morning

Should I stay or should I go…..?

That decision is yours entirely and it could go either way.  By leaving before securing another role, it could give you that push need to go on and fulfil a dream or to secure a job you have always wanted.  But on the other hand, it may go horribly wrong and you could end up unemployed for a lengthy period of time within an unstable economic market.

Remember – it is always beneficial to secure a new role before resigning and doing it politely and face-to-face, backed up with a neatly written letter, than it is to resign on bad terms.  After all, you don’t know when you might need them again!