How to tailor your CV to your job spec

How to tailor your CV to your job spec

How to tailor your CV to your job spec

Let’s start at the research phase of the jobs seeking campaign.

Yes research.

Do you know of any sales campaign where the sales manager has not extensively researched:

  •  The current market trends,
  • Desirability of the product on sale
  • What the product is worth.
  • A baseline and benchmark of market conditions
  • Adequate knowledge of his competition.

Of course, it is impossible to successfully go to market without such information.

Right now what this means for you is:

1. Investing time gathering information on the above subjects.
2. Planning your ideal go to market penetration strategy.
3. Covering every unique direction of approach.

We work in a fast paced environment where technology is outdated quickly. We need to move with the times and keep up to date.

Your first port of call will be to look at similar jobs specs that pop up under your criteria. From then on enter slightly different keyword searches and synonyms until you get a good grasp of what is on offer and where you fit in.

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For example your previous job may have been called network engineer, but actually what you did or your experience was more akin to a post sales installations engineer or a pre-sales guy.

It is more common than you think for Companies to call jobs completely the wrong name. So if you were to search for a role under the title network engineer you would have the wrong sort of experience.


From this point take notice of all the jobs specs that come up in your sector and take the time to list the keywords and skills that are common amongst them. These will be the words that will bring your name up in the right searches. These words should appear prolifically on your CV in order to bring you up at the top of a search.

Very often in a jobs search, you will get matched from a “one size fits all” CV.
But if you do get chance or there is a specific job description on offer, take the time to rewrite and tailor your CV to that job. The reason for this is that when a hiring manager reviews that CV the first thing they will do is take your CV and put it side by side with jobs spec and see how many similarities there are.

The best way to put a smile on his face and compel him to pick up the phone with an interview time is to match as many of the keywords as possible.

You also get the opportunity to highlight relevant experience to that particular job and rip out irrelevant stuff.