How to confidently answer interview questions – don’t let anyone under your skin

How to confidently answer interview questions – don’t let anyone under your skin

How to confidently answer interview questions – don’t let anyone under your skin

1. Are you going to get grilled?
2. Are you going to fluff and fail?
3. Will you stumble over the difficult questions?

Well really that is entirely down to you! No-one else, YOU…..

Before you step into that interview room, you must.

  • Have done adequate preparation.
  • Have identitified your own sticky subjects and weaknesses.
  • Anticipate the difficult questions. What would you ask if you were a hiring manager? Put yourself in their shoes, measure yourself against their Company objectives
  • Have rock solid look you in the eye answers to the difficult questions.
  • Have a full suit of armour on at all times, do not let yourself get exposed or come unstuck, even a little as this will leave you open to further attack. No-one wants to end up getting smeared against the back wall of an interview room.

Generally how do people come unstuck?

HR bods and hiring managers go into the interview room with a cruel agenda, their only wish is to expose unsuitable Candidates and root them out of the interview process, so the last man standing gets the job as the ideal Candidate. What this means is that they have done all their homework is. They already candidly know the chink in your armour even if you don’t. You can be sure they will stick the knife in deep, poke about a bit and then twist it until you succumb like a pathetic whimpering child. They have torturous ways and means of getting the information they want out of you. Here are a few classic techniques:

1. Asking difficult questions (career breaks, reasons for leaving to name just a couple)

2. Open questions. (who, what, why, where, when etc) it cant be answered with a yes/no.

3. Long open spaces.

The good HR guy or interviewing manager asks less questions and leaves long gaps and pauses. The purpose of this is to give some-one enough rope to hang themselves. If you let people twitter away like idiots, most of the time out it comes. The dirty secret, it just pops out, like the proverbial Pandoras box there is no closing it once its out there.

Its all basic stuff, not rocket science but ask some-one an open question and most people will fall into the trap of rambling on for ages without answering the questions.

The solution?

  • Listen carefully, learn to spot the difficult questions.
  • Learn to spot the opporrunites to ramble on aimlessly and avoid doing that.
  • Answer questions directly, then move on.
  • Rehearse interview questions.
  • Have rock solid, look you in the eye answers to all your weaknesses and sticky subject questions.
  • Be determined not to falter, or fluff, preparation is key.
  • Do not tolerate any word whispers, mumbling, or stumbles. Eliminate these.

If you get a real wild card question you don’t expect at all or don’t know the answer to:

  • What should you do?
  • Make something up quickly?
  • Fumble and mumble around a bit until they get the impression you don’t know what you are talking about.

Yes this article is awesome. This is some of the best career advice contained in this website guaranteed. It is written by a career expert through and through. Speak to the author 1-2-1 today.

No – all these answers suck. And the opportunity will vanish quicker than you can say “do you have any feedback for me”

If you don’t know an answer right then and there.

Ask for a moment to compose your answer. And take a few seconds to prepare your thoughts.
Tell them you don’t know but this is how you would find out. Or you know the person who would know within a heartbeat and he’s a close contact of yours. This shows innovation, clever use of contacts and that you are resourceful enough to use the tools around you instead of just throwing your hands up and giving up by saying you don’t know what to do.

Whatever you do in this situation, you MUST vow never, ever to fluff, fumble, or mumble around for a half hearted answer. It does not cut it and you will look like an idiot.

  • Be determined to take time to think about every answer properly.
  • Be steadfast in your resolve not to cave under pressure.
  • Be controlled enough to be composed and calm at all times.
  • Wear the full suit of armour at all times.

All this is down to you and it is mind over matter, in every regard.