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How to build your LinkedIn network

How to build your LinkedIn network

How to build your LinkedIn network

As with any social network, the more connections you have, the wider your sphere of influence. If you want to maximise your profile views, building your LinkedIn network could help. By maximising your profile exposure you can reap the benefit of increased opportunities, making network building a priority for new users of the site.

You can start by adding the people you know already, but adding your current contacts is unlikely to net you more than a hundred connections. If you really want to expand your network you’ve got to be savvy. It’s not a case of just adding anyone, if too many people respond to your request by saying they don’t know you, LinkedIn will delete your profile!

Strategies for network building

1. Complete your profile

When your profile is complete viewers will be able to properly establish if they want to make a connection. This enables you to grow your network without lifting a finger.

2. Search for connections

The LinkedIn search tool allows you to hunt for former colleagues and employers. By adding professional connections from your past you can often significantly grow your network.

3. Import your email contacts

If you’ve been using the same email for a number of years, you’ll be amazed by the number of contacts you’ve stored. Add anyone you’ve had a professional connection with, including anyone you’ve networked with in the past.

4. Advertise your expertise

The LinkedIn answers tool can be a useful way to grow your network. By providing free advice on your area of expertise you can demonstrate your professional skills. If your answer is deemed the best of the bunch, you’ll receive a star which can be displayed on your profile. Not only will this advertise your profile, but it verifies that you really know the industry.

5. Search 1st degree connections

Find friends of friends that you’d like to connect with. An unsolicited request from a 1st degree connection is much more likely to be accepted than one from a complete stranger. You can even request that your mutual friend provide an introduction. Naturally, the more connections you have, the more 1st degree connections you’ll be able to access. This makes it easier for other users to find you, and allows you to swiftly grow your network of professional contacts.

6. Join a group

Joining a LinkedIn group can help put you in touch with like-minded professionals from your industry sector. These new contacts can make a welcome addition to your network, and you’ll also benefit from their professional expertise and knowledge.

Building your LinkedIn network can help open up a new world of opportunity, but before you expand your network it’s important to get the basics right first. Creating a great first impression with your new contacts is vital if you aim to impress. Ensure your profile is well written, up to date and reflects the direction in which you’d like to take your career. For help creating a professional profile that ticks all the boxes, get in touch with CV Knowhow today.