How to blend your CV to your target role

How to blend your CV to your target role

How to blend your CV to your target role

Forgive me for sounding obvious, but so many people miss this that I feel I have to put it in.

Blending your CV is especially important if you have:

  • Done project management or consulting stints.
  • You are a contractor.
  • You have taken a short stint out of telecoms.
  • You have changed your speciality and now want to return to what you did before.

Blending your CV means that you take whatever you have been doing previously and you deliberately and skilfully highlight the bits that apply to your target role now.

So for example you are going for a sales role, but you have been doing project management for 6 months.

Take the 6 months in project management and highlight what was salesy about it. How did you apply your sales skills during that time.

If you have been a contractor for 3 years and now want a permanent role, take those 3 years, role them into one under the heading contracting under own name. and highlight some of the responsibilities, achievements and Companies you worked for.
This can quite often make short stints appear more stable and reliable.

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If you jumped right out of your industry.

Very few people change careers completely, most people have at least some skills that are transferrable. For example, you jumped out of telecoms to be self employed, doing business coaching, now you want to go back into telecoms sales. Highlight the sales coaching that you did and what you achieved.

You are a techie and took a year to get a company off the ground. No doubt you used your technical skills to design and research that product. Highlight those skills.

Basically the goal here is to take all your experience, in whatever capacity and highlight how and why this equips you to do the role you are aiming for now.