How to avoid looking desperate in the interview process without being cocky

How to avoid looking desperate in the interview process without being cocky

How to avoid looking desperate in the interview process without being cocky

As a recruiter, we have all dealt with them, arrogant sycophantic megalomaniacs who firmly believe that dealing with you is totally beneath them. They act like they have about 10 different hot Companies chasing them at any given time.

No-one wants to work with this sort of person.

Then there is the other end of the scale:

  • The desperado jobseeker types who will bite your hand off for anything.
  • They scream I’m desperate and will take anything.
  • They hound your Clients like an intrepid sniffer dog.
  • They permanently grace jobs boards with their presence.
  • They carpet bomb your inbox with “currently available” notices.
  • They hang around forums and discussions like an omnipresent bad smell.

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Then somewhere in between is the perfect Candidate.

  1. Well balanced, unassuming when asked about what other opportunities they are working on.
  2. They emit a subtle dignified air of inaccessibility.
  3. They are in demand in their sector of the market.
  4. They play the jobs seeking game exceptionally well.

Being too Cocky.

  • No employer wants their face rubbed in it.
  • It can be a turn off to know that you are interviewing with 5 other competitors.
  • It’s very rare that an employer will change the timescale of their hiring process to suit one Candidate unless they are exceptionally good, so trying to impose your own deadlines onto the process does not generally work well and makes you look manipulative and controlling.
  • It can be very risky to play one Company against another unless you have solid firm offers on the table. My experience is that most people who resort to this behaviour don’t.
  • Stating that you have other offers on the table without substantiating it will often lead the Client to believe that you are playing off invented offers to drive their offer up.
  • Being over cocky turns people off. You can get declined, passed over and overlooked for future opportunities.

Being too desperate.

NEVER EVER refer to yourself as “the Candidate” / job seeker or job seeking. You are a respectable executive level person, act befitting of such and firmly avoid high street recruiter speak -degrading yourself.

  • Never tell anyone you are jobs seeking. Companies and Employers are allergic to jobseekers. They want in post, qualified in demand people.
  • So give them the impression that you are busy with projects, consulting, anything, just don’t plant the image of you sitting at home jobseeking.
  • Veil that desperation as best you can, don’t let even a peak of it shine through right the way to the end of the interview process.
  • Try to portray a quiet dignified confident air about you. These are the Candidates that are most likely to succeed.