Facts of how all recruiters work

Facts of how all recruiters work

Recruiters can only find you if you are out there, if you are actively job seeking you may wish to work with specific recruiters and post your CV on appropriate telecoms jobs boards. Recruiters will use keywords to search for you. This means writing your CV with searches in mind. What is your target role? What keywords does that entail?

  • It is always in a recruiters best interest for you to get a job. This is in your favour and use it to your advantage to get them to work hard for you.
  • You can ask a recruiter to present you directly for an opportunity if you are having problems getting any resolution or feedback from HR.
  • Recruiters will use an MPC or Most Placeable Candidate; to open doors to new and cross sell business. This means a versatile, good all round, solid Candidate profile that they can use to market business and introduce into several different places at once. Make it easy on them by offering to be anonymously marketed to open doors. Its not for everyone, but does get your profile in front of lots of people, and good MPCs are more likely to get placed.
  • Recruiters are paid by the Client. They have the Clients interests first and this eclipses all else.
  • Recruiters will pre-interview you without you knowing. That friendly little chat as they are presenting an opportunity is when they are measuring you up in line with an opportunity. They will also judge you personally too, so beware of spilling all the beans or being too honest.
  • A recruiter makes their money from introductions. By trying to force the Company name out of them without good reason/buy in/commitment, you are getting their back up, there is a certain amount of trust involved. You should respect their professional position as an introductory agent. If they do not follow these procedures they cannot make any money.
  • Recruiters quite often have a very close relationship with the Client, for example we have had several situations where we have as a team needed to be under NDA as we have worked so closely in line with a Companies plans we have known all their secrets, competitions, issues and strategies. There are times when we are even treated as an extended part of the team during the hiring phase. So every super honest comment you make can go directly back to the hiring manager, as a pure unedited raw, sound bites.

Recruiters can make decisions for the Client

  • Not everyone realises this but most Candidates are declined by the  Recruiter before they are even presented. So getting past them is your first hurdle, ecruiters have the power to pull a Candidate even in the later throws of a hire. Often if they learn damaging information along the process it is best to do this than look bad to their Client. Their relationship with the Client is that the Client will trust their judgement too.
  • They measure how keen you are to the Client.
  • You may think its enough to be enthusiastic directly to the Client, but the Recruiters job is also to tell the Client how enthusiastic you are. So you need to keep them sweet too,
  • They will judge and report back your professionalism to the Client,
  • I have had Candidates put me on hold while they finish painting the living room before now. I have had e-mails from Candidates that are written in jibberish. Needless to say they never got any further.
  • A recruiter can tell a motivated Candidate a mile off.
  • We do this, all day every day. We know the ones who are paying lip service and walking the walk, we know the ones who are truly committed.
  • It is a recruiters job to measure buying signs.
  • Lesser recruiters will submit your CV for a role and you will never know.

Recruiters like an easy life – that means working with highly motivated Candidates first and foremost.

  • Beware of unprofessional standards amongst recruiters. Go for a specialist or from a recommendation.
  • Lesser recruiters will try to fit a square peg into a round hole by shoe horning you into a job you don’t suit just to make up numbers. Don’t allow them to, it’s a time killer and dilutes your professionalism.
  • Lesser recruiters advertise dummy jobs to generate high calibre CVs and industry contacts. It’s dishonest, and reflects badly. If a  job sounds made up you can normally tell. Really generic  jobs description and round numbers for the salary scale etc. If you have reason to doubt a role exists call in for more information before you send your CV.
  • Recruiters know the employment market inside and out and can advise .
  • Even if they see a mediocre CV they will probably not tell you or give you constructive feedback, it takes time and again they don’t get paid for it. That means troubleshooting your CV is down to you alone.

Good luck and find a good recruiter, I would try KNOWHOW Recruitment for all your retail jobs