Did you know that 20 seconds is all it takes to change your life?!?!

Did you know that 20 seconds is all it takes to change your life?!?!

Because that’s how long it takes a hiring manager to run their critical eye over your CV and decide if you’re going to be their next hire or not.  And if your CV leaves them reaching for a magnifying glass, pillow or a box of tissues, then you have absolutely no chance at all; that dream role is even further away than you thought it was in the first place!

It sounds harsh but unfortunately it’s true! But don’t worry; by making just a few changes to your CV, you can get yours to the top of the pile when it comes to being offered an interview. Here at CV Knowhow, we speak to more people we can count on a daily basis who believe that an all singing and dancing CV is the way to go and will be guaranteed to get them noticed.

Showcase your skills, capabilities and expertise from the off

And they may be right about that; but it will be for all the wrong reasons!  The idea that a bright and colourfully designed CV will secure you a job couldn’t be further than the truth.  Having a simple black and white layout can be the most effective way to catch the eye of a hiring manager; immediately striking, this will come across and crisp, fresh and professional and leave them wanting more.

A well-written professional profile will hook the reader in – don’t be worried about blowing your own trumpet as this is the only way to go in the modern day competitive job market.  If you’re a strong leader, tell them.  If you can communicate on all levels, make sure they are aware of this from the off.  And if you are extremely hard working, then don’t be afraid to tell them.  After all, if you can write confidently about yourself, then the chances are you will be just as confident face-to-face.  But don’t be cocky; this is the fastest way to talk your way out of a job!

Length, layout and content are all extremely important

You would be surprised to know what it is that hiring managers look for in a good CV.  For example, if the text doesn’t flow and needs effort to read it, then the chances are they won’t. Writing in the first person can make it more of a narrative and the overuse of ‘I’ can get a bit boring.  Make it flow by changing it to the third person as this will flow off the tongue and interest the reader a lot more.

The length of the CV is also incredibly important; if it reads like ‘War and Peace’ then you might as well give up now.  If you are a middle management or below, then stick to two pages and senior execs go up to three, but definitely no more than this.  You also need to take another look at the content of your CV; make sure that all your career history is in there, but don’t go into major detail about any roles older than 10 years, unless it is relevant to what you want to do now.

A good, decisive objective can make all the difference

If you have a strong idea of which direction you want to take your career in, make sure that this is communicated well within your CV.  If you want to climb up the next rung of the ladder but don’t have the experience, as long as you have the transferable skills to make this transition then don’t be afraid to lay your ambitions out for all to see.  After all, if you don’t ask you don’t get!

It’s also important to get any relevant professional development courses in there, showing your tenacity for working above and beyond what is expected of you and let them know what you did whilst you were at school; you should also include the dates you left school in your education section as this lets the reader know how old you are.  Including a date of birth, as well as your name and address, leaves you wide open to the threat of identity theft.

How can CV Knowhow help you?

Here at CV Knowhow, we make it our life’s work to help candidates secure their dream job and take out the hassle and time consuming task of preparing a CV that is guaranteed to get you an interview.  With an extensive board of highly qualified writers, CV Knowhow can offer you a level of service you won’t get anywhere else!

And our skills don’t just stretch to CVs; we also prepare social media profiles, cover letters, personal statements and application forms.   With very competitive prices, why not invest in your future will a high quality, professionally prepared CV from CV Knowhow today?  We are the current market leaders in CV writing services and you can’t go wrong! Call 0800 773 4860 or 01942 487 820 from a mobile and speak to a member of our enthusiastic team.

Julie is the Head of Service and Head CV Consultant at CV Knowhow, helping candidates secure the jobs of their dreams since the company was founded in 2011.