CV Basics

CV Basics

CV Basics

Your details

Name, address (or geographical location ie Singapore based/ Manchester etc, direct contact number with regularly checked voicemail and email address

Personal Profile/Executive Summary

A paragraph about your main headline experience, achievements and enticing points. Should be short and punchy.

Work experience –

  • most recent position first,
  • continue in reverse order
  • including your job title, the
  • name, location,
  • website and
  • dates of your employment for each company.
  • Use bullet points to highlight your achievements in each role so the hiring manger scanning your CV can quickly match up your experience with their job description.
  • Avoid simply explaining what you did in a role day to day.
  • Most people know the general remit/job description of a pre-sales engineer for example, so steer clear of listing your reponsibilities in a HR stylee and stick to showcasing your achievements.
  • Keep historic info to a minimum, in general no-one wants to know in depth what you did 15 years ago, keep older posts down to a line or two.
  • Education –

Again, in reverse order, give brief details of your academic and professional qualifications along with the grades you achieved.

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Skills –

  • Languages, specific, relevant courses.

Hobbies & Interests –

  • Keep it brief and not super personal. Highlighting purely work related hobbies comes across as a bit sad and geeky.

References –

  • Are not necessary on CVs
  • A clear and simple layout

2 pages max