CV Advice specific to Sales People

CV Advice specific to Sales People

CV Advice specific to Sales People

The dynamics of a CV for a Sales person needs to be different from any other.

You guys are expected to:

  • Measure yourself in numbers.
  • Improve sales figures.
  • Highlight where your contacts are
  • State performance against target.
  • Have solid performance records.
  • Have good reasons if performance is not up to standard.


Okay, so none of us like it but everyone wants to see the contexts of your rolodex. This is essentially how to measure your experience, what level you are at and how and where you can successfully sell. Everyone understands that you cannot give away specifics in regards to this, that would be like telling everyone you meet your bank balance, not to mention it’s probably against your company’s privacy clauses and could get you fired. However, it is very important to give an impression of what level: For example: CTO/ network manager/ security manager for technical sell. CXO level for senior Sales Director level. Sales Executive level for a direct or B2B sell. It’s a good idea to indicate the level of contacts you have. It’s also essential that you indicate what sector you sell into:

  • If you sell directly
  • Sell through channels.
  • Relationship management
  • Handle Account management.
  • Manage a network of distributors/resellers.
  • Select and manage agents, partners etc.

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All these different sales processes have a radically different dynamic and require different expertise. If you are a direct seller it’s easy to scream numbers, figures, target, achievements etc. Presidents club amundo etc.

But what about if yours is an indirect sell? Are you exempt from all that numbers baloney?

No, not at all, it’s the first thing the Client will ask. You need to be ready. You need to present your resume in such a way that highlights what you have achieved statistically within your channel.

  • How you have worked the channel to its maximum revenue capacity.
  • How you have managed and motivated the channels team members to drive maximum income streams.
  • How you optimised sales opportunities within the channel.
  • Focus on every element of your performance within your channel that presents a way for you to measure yourself in numbers.

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What if your numbers are shakey?

Believe it or not, the all singing, all dancing, solid CV, walking on water, serial presidents club addicts, success shining out from their rear end type of telecoms sales people are very much the rarity.

Most sales people have their fair share of skeletons in the cupboard and sticky questions regarding figures. It’s normal.

There are a huge variety of reasons why numbers can suffer:

  • Unrealistic targets.
  • Market conditions/dips.
  • Product not ready/not up to standard.
  • Lack of support from management.
  • Lack of budget.
  • Unachievable go to market strategy.
  • And many, many more.

The best policy is to try to dress things up as best as you can in an honest way. To be direct about the reasons why your figures were off that year. To state your reason as positively as possible. Ie: resist the urge to slur your old company negatively, if possible.