CV Advice Specific to managers

CV Advice Specific to managers

CV Advice Specific to managers

Roles with a management capacity follow a different format.

Your reader is generally interested in:

  • Your position within the Company hierarchy.
  • Your level of responsibility.
  • Your personal achievements.
  • How many reports you are responsible for.
  • The territory you cover.
  • What area of business process you control.
  • What improvements you have made to revenue streams.
  • What cost efficiencies you may have initiated.
  • How you have streamlined a business model to add value to the business.
  • What processes you may have successfully introduced.
  • How you motivate a team.
  • Your personal management style.
  • Your decisiveness.
  • Your sales abilities, where relevant.
  • Whether or not you have budget responsibilities/P + L.
  • Who you answer to.

All of these subjects should be adequately addressed within each position you have covered.

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It is normally expected for managers to be focused on their own team, but also the business as a whole, taking a helicopter style view of the entire business and adding value across many different processes, procedures and policies.

Touchy Feely vs Number cruncher.

You may expect a managers CV to be all about people management and touchy feely HR issues etc. This is not normally the case, the higher level a manger gets, the less people management they do and the more they do budgets, reports, policies, procedures, cost efficiencies and number crunching etc to drive the results they want from the business in their charge.

Career Progression

If you are currently progressing through the ranks towards management and see yourself moving into a management role, you need to highlight what experience and personal qualities you have that lend themselves to that position of authority.