Confessions of….. an Expat

Confessions of….. an Expat

  1. What do you like about your job?


The flexibility, being at home with my dog and not needing to get dressed!


  1. What is your typical day?


Coffee first, amendments second and then a few hours spent on new drafts. I then take a break, maybe go to the gym and then continue to work on drafts again in the late evening, usually in front of the television (HP, Columbo or Murder, She Wrote).


  1. What is your naughtiest work habit?


Procrastinating by playing with the dog when I should be working!


  1. What makes you happy?


Being on top of orders, satisfied clients, my dog and wine


  1. What is your favourite work snack?




  1. What is your Guilty pleasure?


Justin Bieber and anything Harry Potter – I share this with Katy (Head of Service) and we have geeky chats on Skype A LOT.


  1. What would you do if you weren’t a writer?


Probably recruitment or Forex. Boring….Zzzzzz……


  1. Why CV KnowHow?


The management :) , and the efficiency. My inner control freak LOVES this.


  1. What is your pet hate?


The list is endless but probably text talk (or neighbours parking in my space)


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I started off as a CV Consultant here at CV Knowhow and I am now the Writing & Service Manager. I have a degree in Classical History & Philosophy and after graduating, I experienced the heartbreak of searching for jobs with no real idea of how to apply or write a CV. I love being creative and using my skills to help others, the best part of my day is when someone we have helped gets in touch and lets us know they have secured their dream job! I am usually found in the office with a brew (tea, not coffee!) and my main weakness is cheese, preferably melted on toast, but on a cracker works just as well.