Confessions of……A Working Mum

Confessions of……A Working Mum

“I like occasionally sneaking off for a coffee and cake with friends when I should really be working…”

Jen is one of our Executive Consultants and a busy mum of two brilliant kids. She has come from working in multinational business and began working with us as a CV Consultant five years ago.

1.What do you like about your job?

I love the flexibility – I can fit around the kids and my partner’s shift work. The commute from the bed to the front room is a million times better than facing the London rush hour. I very much enjoy working with words and I have such interesting customers doing such diverse things, it never gets boring.


2.What is your typical day?

I do the school run and then usually work straight through until pick up time. I look after the kids until they’re in bed – supervising homework, cooking dinner and making sure they don’t kill each other – and then often work again in the evening. I try to carry on until my inbox is clear.  I radically reduce my hours in school holidays.


3.What is your naughtiest work habit?   

Facebook! It distracts me terribly when I have an awkward customer.


4.What makes you happy?

I like being able to work around the kids and drop everything if they need me – I have the best of both worlds as a working parent that can still attend the Christmas show, sports day and school meetings, have after-school play-dates, take them to clubs and be with them if they’re ill.  I also get a buzz when my customers are happy with my work, when I can turn a terrible CV into a strong one and when I see one of my CV blogs published online.


5.What is your favourite work snack?

Chocolate, duh.


6.What is your guilty pleasure?

I like occasionally sneaking off for a coffee and cake with friends when I should really be working, but I don’t do it often. (I don’t spend time on water cooler gossip as I have no colleagues at home, so that makes up for it, right?)


7.What would you do if you weren’t a writer?

I can’t even imagine. Something that makes the most of the control freak in me. Even though I’ve written thousands of CVs, I’ve never written one for a job I would prefer.


8.Why CV KnowHow?

 Because the people are lovely – even though I don’t see them, there’s always someone available and they’re super supportive. Also, because everyone else seems to enjoy what they do and it’s a very positive environment.  Our virtual office and the real office are both great for advice and support.


9.What is your pet hate?

 Creepy crawlies. That’s not very relevant, is it? Oh, the tax return at the end of the year, I simply wasn’t designed to deal with that.



If you think that your CV may need some attention from Jen and the team, you can request a free CV review here to get a better understanding of what your CV is currently saying about you, how it can be improved and how it looks to recruiters.

Jen has been a CV Consultant since 2010 and currently works for CV Knowhow, the UK’s leading career and CV writing consultancy. She has written CVs for thousands of job seekers from all industries and at all stages in their career, from students to senior executives. Jen aims to add value to CVs, enabling her customers to increase their chances of securing an interview and progress in their chosen career.