Confessions of….. A CV Writer

Confessions of….. A CV Writer

“I love the variety, I have written CVs for every imaginable career, from carpenters to consultants and just when you think you have it all covered something new pops up….”

  1. What do you like about your job?

I’m my own boss, I can do as much or as little work as I like. I can work in my pyjamas if I wish, my dog by my feet and the kettle within arm’s reach. As for the actual job, I love the variety, I have written CVs for every imaginable career, from carpenters to consultants and just when you think you have it all covered something new pops up. I think the most bizarre was a Canadian pharmacist who wanted to be a cannabis farmer (I learnt that day that it’s legal there!) That’s the other thing, I’m constantly learning, every day I have to Google something, I reckon I could probably take a PRINCE2 exam now and do pretty well.


  1. What is your typical day?

Leisurely breakfast and feed and walk the dog, then upstairs to work, then back downstairs to get my other specs, then back upstairs and check in with the office to see what orders have come in. Work on a few CVs, field a few amendments, call a few clients, bit of lunch around noon, and then maybe some more work or maybe out somewhere, depending on the weather.


  1. What is your naughtiest work habit?

I’m quite a shy person and find it difficult to talk to people on the phone, especially when clients don’t speak INTO the phone, or use hands free. I’m getting better though, they’re all really nice people and all willing to listen to advice. I do get a bit side-tracked by net surfing sometimes, I google something off a CV and get totally absorbed into something I didn’t know.


  1. What makes you happy?

Hacking and slashing a 22-page Project Management CV down to 3 pages, and the resulting awe from the client. Generally, happy clients make me happy, angry ones take a piece of my soul. I’m a control freak so it makes me happy when paragraphs fit nicely within page breaks, sentences finish nicely within page margins with no overhang, contact details fit neatly on one line, and the whole thing stops an inch above the bottom of the 2nd page.  Office banter makes me happy, sharing silly things, we have a good team, and cake, cake makes me happy.


  1. What is your favourite work snack?

No snacks allowed in the office, this is a sedentary job, I’d be the size of a hippo. However, gallons of tea and Robinsons squash (orange and mango or orange and pineapple) are consumed, and the occasional chewed pen cap in stressful moments.


  1. What is your guilty pleasure?

Closing orders, all green, lovely, getting them all closed for month end … oh and peanut butter


  1. What would you do if you weren’t a writer?

I have no idea, I’ve done a huge amount of jobs. I might go back to being a teaching assistant, that was fun, or retail, or homecare; or I reckon I know enough about lots of jobs to have a go at something new.


  1. Why CV KnowHow?

Office banter, prompt pay, open management style, open to input, supportive with difficult clients. They take the time to match customers with writers according to sector and experience as much as possible, excellent intuitive IT interface systems and I’m allowed to call clients (some companies don’t allow calls at all and that’s frustrating).


  1. What is your pet hate?

How long do you have? I’m a grumpy old woman, I have lots…

  • In a nutshell, customers who have paid to have an expert write their CV and then tell them how to go about it.
  • Lead instead of Led
  • Roll instead of Role
  • Unnecessary Capital Letters on Nouns
  • The general abuse of the apostrophe
  • People with degrees who can’t tie their own shoelaces without assistance, while intelligent people without degrees don’t even get to interview
  • Mutterers
  • The rest all come under some kind of “ism” and are illegal I think

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