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Santa Needed a CV…

Santa adores his job; working with all of the elves and the reindeer is what makes him happy and jolly all year round! He likes to keep an eye on the goings on in the world from his laptop in the North Pole and he came across our website. Turns out he would love an excuse to visit different places in the summer and he is concerned that young adults do not believe in him like they used to. So, he has decided to spend the summer working as a holiday rep in hot countries making sure that those young adults, who are at a critical age, carry on believing and stay on the nice list. To get the right job, he needs the right CV, which is why he has enlisted our expert services (at a discount of course) and worked with our writers to produce a document he loves!


I started off as a CV Consultant here at CV Knowhow and I am now the Writing & Service Manager. I have a degree in Classical History & Philosophy and after graduating, I experienced the heartbreak of searching for jobs with no real idea of how to apply or write a CV. I love being creative and using my skills to help others, the best part of my day is when someone we have helped gets in touch and lets us know they have secured their dream job! I am usually found in the office with a brew (tea, not coffee!) and my main weakness is cheese, preferably melted on toast, but on a cracker works just as well.