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Can your job history affect your future career?

Can your job history affect your future career?

Can your job history affect your future career?

We all have a history and some decisions we’ve made in the past impact on how our employment record appears to recruiters. We all have the odd thing we want to gloss over when writing our CV but dealing with these in a positive way is the hallmark of a great CV. So what are the aspects employers might be wary of when reading through your CV?

Rapid career progression

While rapid career progression can show leadership, motivation and drive, not all employers will view it in this way. It could make recruiters concerned that you’re not a team player and are always looking out for the next opportunity, without ever settling fully into your current role. If your career progression appears excessive given the time frame it may ring alarm bells for recruiters, especially if they are hoping to find someone who will stay in the role for the foreseeable future.

It’s important to never to apologise for your success, instead reassure recruiters by emphasising the contribution you made to the company and how you worked closely with your colleagues. Appearing humble can go a long way in your favour with recruiters, so stress how much you learned from your colleagues as well as what you brought to the role on a personal level.

Regularly changing jobs

It’s easy for employers to assume that if you’ve changed jobs regularly that you lack commitment. This is a particular problem for students fresh out of university who are looking to settle in a job they enjoy.

Rather than focussing on the reasons you left your previous jobs, be positive. Highlight how the experiences you’ve had in these roles has helped you develop a diverse skill set and you’re now ready to utilise this knowledge and settle down in a permanent role.


If you’ve been made redundant in the past you may worry that this will be viewed negatively by future employers. On the contrary employers recognise in the current climate that many excellent candidates have been through this experience. It’s important to realise that in redundancy the position itself is no longer required, and it’s no reflection on your ability. Many applicants feel they have to explain away a redundancy on their CV but in actual fact there’s no need to elaborate, instead save your explanation for interview in case you’re asked.

Career change

More people than ever are choosing to opt for a career change at some stage of their life. Whatever the reason for this, going into a new sector with little experience can seem daunting. Employers will notice your lack of direct experience in the industry and question whether you’re able to handle the pressure of a new role. In this case using your CV to demonstrate your transferrable skills and willingness to learn is vital. Displaying a genuine enthusiasm and drive will stand you in good stead with recruiters, who are always on the lookout for exceptional candidates to fill entry level positions.

By understanding what employers think when looking at your employment history, you can modify your CV to create the best possible impression. A professional CV writing service such as CV Knowhow will help smooth over the cracks in your employment history and give you the best possible opportunity of securing an interview.