Avoid falling prey to the HR interview trap

Avoid falling prey to the HR interview trap

Avoid falling prey to the HR interview trap

We’ve all done it. Got 2-3 interviews out of the way, and then along comes a personnel or HR interview. Compared with senior management, this should be a doddle right?

Wrong. Be on your guard. These people deal with people every day, they are experts.

They can recognise the flaws in your CV better than anyone else. They can pick holes in you and you will never even know they are onto you.

The Hr interview trap is just that. It’s the expectations. Generally:

  • They are female.
  • You are taken to a quiet friendly relaxed looking room.
  • The person who speaks to you is very relaxed and personable.
  • Lots of smiling and nodding.
  • At the beginning you are told to relax.
  • You are assured this is just a formality. Not to worry.

Before you loosen your tie and swing back in your chair sit up, beware, take notice.

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This person is setting the mood. They want you relaxed so they can more easily pick a hole in your armour. They can rape you of your deepest secrets and you walk out feeling like you have had little more than a chat with a friend.

If you are caught off guard it will be:

  • Can open, worms everywhere.
  • They will get under your skin and rob a pound of flesh.
  • They can smear you against the back wall of the interview room.
  • It’s like touchy feely torture.
  • There is no such thing as a formality in the interview process.
  • These people generally have the direct ear of management.
  • They are nearly always decision makers.

So when you start to feel yourself relax or chat away, sit up, beware, think about every word you say. How do you want to come across? What is your objective here?

Start to view this person as an alien changeling, some-one who on the outside looks smiley and pleasant but really they are spiky, slimy smelly creatures who want to trip you up and unceremoniously kick you out of the running. Now you are getting the right idea.