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A Perfect CV

A Perfect CV

A Perfect CV

A perfect CV doesn’t simply summarise your qualifications and work experience, it reflects who you are as a person and should have an injection of personality to help you stand out from other applicants. A great CV will highlight the crowning achievements from your employment history and personal life, demonstrating the added value you can bring to the role you’re applying for.
Your CV should display your knowledge of your profession by using appropriate terminology to show you understand the nature of the industry. By targeting your CV in this way you are more likely to maintain the interest of recruiters and secure an invite to an interview.

The Layout

The perfect CV needs to be easy to navigate and understand, making a great layout essential if you aim to impress. Structure your CV by organising it into sections, the most important information should be on the first page, including your academic qualifications and a career summary. At the end of a professional CV it’s customary to include a section outlining your interests and activities outside of the workplace. Employers like to see that candidates are well rounded individuals with an active life outside the workplace. Stand out from other candidates by mentioning your more unusual hobbies, common interests like socialising and reading will be mentioned by most applicants.

CV Writing Mistakes

If you want to dazzle employers with an original CV that sets you apart from the crowd, avoid the following common pitfalls that candidates encounter:

• Spelling mistakes – You’d be surprised how many CV’s are sent out to recruiters littered with spelling mistakes. A quick run through with spell check could save your CV landing in the bottom of a recruiters bin.
• Length – No CV should exceed 2 pages in length. Recruiters are looking for a brief overview of your skills and career achievements, not your life story. A clear and concise CV that leaves recruiters wanting more will achieve the best results.
• Photographs – A photograph detracts attention away from the important elements in your CV such as your qualifications and skills.
• Lack of structure – If your CV is difficult to navigate recruiters will be left unable to find the specific information they’re after. A messy disorganised CV will reflect badly on you
• Use of jargon – While demonstrating you understand the industry can hekp your application, too much use of jargon and abbreviations can baffle recruiters if they’re not familiar with them.

Positive attitude

If your CV is to be a hit with employers it needs to portray a positive can-do attitude. Don’t focus on the negatives in your CV, remain professional at all times and positive regarding your experiences with previous employers. There’s a fine line between confidence and arrogance, and even the most well intentioned applicant can sometimes cross this without realising.

The professional touch

Using a professional CV writing service can give you the added confidence that the CV you send out is exactly what employers are looking for. Our experienced consultants at CV Knowhow will craft a unique professional document that employers can’t resist. The advice and expertise you’ll receive through our service could mean the difference between an invite to interview and your CV ending up in the bin. If failure isn’t an option for you then get in touch today, our friendly experts will guide you through the process and create a perfect CV that will blow employers away.