10 Steps to visualise your interview success like an Olympic athlete

10 Steps to visualise your interview success like an Olympic athlete

You might be shooting me down right now, fearful that I am touting a load of hocus pocus baloney and airy fairy nonsense. This stuff actually works, try it.

Lets cut to the chase here, thousands of successful athletes use this technique to shore up their determination, belief and dedication to the process of winning. So that’s what you’re going to do to win the opportunity you want.

Here’s how it works:

1. Start with all your preparation done and finished.
2. Basically take the entire interview process in your mind.
3. Plan the whole day in your subconscious.

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4. Play it out like a scenario from a film screen.
5. Watch it play out in individual scenes.
6. Picture yourself walking confidently into the offices.
7. Visualise yourself waiting without any nervousness at all.
8. Imagine yourself sitting across a desk, looking the hiring manager directly in the eye.
9. Envisage yourself answering interview questions with poise and calm in your heart.
10. In your minds eye see yourself walking out from the offices, smiling happily, having “closed” the Company for a further interview/feedback/to hire you.

What this will do, is mentally prepare you for every step of the interview process, so when the time comes, all you are doing is playing out the steps you have already planned. So you know exactly how to remain calm, muster composure, ooze quiet confidence. In short, you know exactly what to expect and how to handle it perfectly.