10 of the Best Jobs in the World

10 of the Best Jobs in the World

Wouldn’t it be great to wake up every morning, leap out of bed and feel like the happiest person in the world because you have the most amazing job?  Sadly though, for most of us we do not feel such joy at the prospect of going to work.  In fact, three out of five people in the UK want to change their jobs!

Here is a list of the 10 best jobs in the world (maybe they will give you some ideas on your next career move!):

1. Wildlife Caretaker: Imagine spending your days feeding cute little animals and exploring new environments.  If you love wildlife, love the outdoors and would love to work with cheeky monkeys, cuddly koalas and all manner of fantastic creatures, then this is the job for you.

2. Writer: Working from home is one of those ideal situations that most people want, even if it is just because they want to work in their pyjamas all day!  Being a writer provides you with the luxury of home working (for the most part).  However, unless you catch a break like J K Rowling, you are unlikely to make too much money as a writer.

3. Chocolate Consultant: If the highlight of your day is a sneaky chocolate break at lunch time, then turn yourself into a real life Willy Wonka and get involved in chocolate tasting, recipe development and even chocolate ecstasy tours as a Chocolate Consultant. Just make sure you keep up that gym membership!

4. Water Slide Tester: Imagine travelling the world visiting the best water parks and being paid to test their water slides?  This is certainly a job that most of us would love to dive into (well, unless of course you can’t swim!).

5. Personal Shopper: If you love clothes and shopping, then this is the perfect job for you.  Admittedly you won’t be shopping for yourself, but if you love the thought of helping other people find that perfect outfit using your incredible style and good taste, then working as a Personal Shopper is the way to go.

6. Video Game Tester: For those of you who thought that playing video games was just for fun in your free time, you are wrong.  Believe it or not, people actually get paid to spend their days playing video games!  In fact, companies regularly look for candidates.

7. Beer Tester: For most of us the countdown to the weekend starts on a Monday.  If the highlight of your week is the weekend, then working as a Beer Taster where you get to sample and review a whole array of tantalising brews might be the job for you! And unlike wine tasters, beer tasters actually get to swallow the beer before giving their opinion on it.

8. Lego Sculptor: 99% of us will at some point have played with Lego during our lives.  Young or old, there is nothing more fulfilling that creating a masterpiece out of these little coloured blocks.  Believe it or not, there are actually certified Lego professionals who spend their working day creating sets and building models from one of the Legoland Discovery Centres situated around the world.

9. Ben & Jerry’s Flavour Guru: Ice cream is amazing.  It helps you get over a relationship break up.  It helps cheer you up when you’ve had a bad day.  And you can’t have a movie night without a tub.  So, imagine being one of those people who get to combine lots of deliciousness to create yummy ice cream concoctions for you.  Yes, this job actually exists and the pay is awesome too!

10. Luxury Bed Tester: If your ideal job involves sleeping the day away, then this could be the job for you.  Luxury Bed Testers spend the majority of their day in bed and then write about the ‘ordeal’.

Karen Dunbar is a CV Consultant, Professional Writer and mum of one with a passion for helping people secure their dream jobs and a talent for transforming seemingly boring words into compelling content. She talks a lot, loves blueberry muffins and has an obsession with owls!