CV KNOWHOW has a formal complaints procedure which can be provided on request. Should you be dissatisfied with any aspect of the service raise this with your Account Manager or email CV KNOWHOW undertakes to examine any complaint and respond to the purchaser as soon as practicable, normally within two working days.

Interruptions to service

CV KNOWHOW is not responsible in any way for any interruptions to the service it provides as a result of breakdown of internet or other supporting services, and does not undertake any liability for any losses which may occur as a result of such breakdowns. It will, however, use its best endeavours to deal with such errors.


CV KNOWHOW retains the right to terminate any contract with any client should it so wish at any stage in the production of any document, and retains the right to keep fees paid.

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Once CV KNOWHOW had prepared me a fantastic CV, I also used their services for the relevant covering letters and later on, for the personal statement for an application form for a job with a company I'd been after working for ages. Thanks to the excellent CV Writing Services, I finally got to work for the company of my dreams."

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The service provided by CV KNOWHOW was second to none. The process was so easy and thanks to my new CV I landed the job of my dreams within two weeks!"

Jennifer Scott, Teacher, Edinburgh
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